Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (VSMT)

Rhythm offers veterinary spinal manipulation, it is a manual therapy that focuses on returning proper motion to the joints of the spine, pelvis, neck, and extremities. This therapy uses rapid, low amplitude thrusts along joint lines to help mobilize restrictions within joints. It can help patients that have dysfunction associated with soft tissues, joints, and nerves.

A veterinary spinal manipulation session begins with an in-hand motion evaluation, followed by a physical exam that focuses on assessing restricted areas within the patient. These restricted areas are then mobilized, with the goal of returning the joint to regular motion. Veterinary spinal manipulation can help improve symmetry, decrease pain, improve performance, and help with everyday comfort.

The weather and location may limit our ability to provide this service. Our customer care team may ask about your facilities to determine if the location is suitable for this service.

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