Rhythm Equine

Personalized health care for your equine teammate

Exclusively equine mobile veterinary services for Saskatoon, SK and surrounding areas

We’re here for you

Do you love the adrenaline rush of the barrel pen, the thrill of jumping, the precision of a dressage test, or relaxing time spent out on the trail? Regardless of your chosen sport, Rhythm Equine Veterinary Services is here for you and your equine teammate. We make sure that the time, energy, and attention that you devote to your horse is matched by our uncommonly exceptional veterinary care. You give your horse the very best that you can give; we make sure that we do the same. You can trust us to give the best care there is, because your experience truly matters to us.

We will come to you

When Rhythm Equine Veterinary Services comes to your farm or stable, you are not just accessing convenient mobile veterinary care. Our compassionate veterinary professionals have an elevated level of skill and expertise. When you combine talented people with state of the art technology and approach, amazing things can happen for your horse’s healthcare.

We work with you

Your horse’s health and well-being is everything to us. For this reason, we are dedicated to a thorough approach. We believe in addressing the total wellness of your equine teammate at every visit. We want to know what your goals are and work with you to achieve them. This means that we are committed to collaborating with all other members of your horse’s care team. When your horse’s comfort and happiness is at stake, no other approach will do.