2022 Wellness Program

The Basics

What are the benefits of being a Rhythm Equine Wellness Program Member?
  • Keep your horse up to date on all their health needs
  • Keep tabs on any ongoing problems your horse may have
  • Get regular health care reminders when your horse is due for a treatment or visit
  • Receive exclusive monthly emails with horse health information
  • Receive members-only benefits and offers
  • Receive members-only pricing on some of our most popular products
How does it work?
  • Purchase and pay for the CORE plan for your horse by May 30th, 2022 to enjoy all the Wellness Program benefits
  • Once the CORE plan is purchased, you can choose ADD ON services as needed throughout the year at members-only pricing
  • Bookings for the CORE plan close June 30th, 2022
What is the CORE plan?
  • The CORE basics that all horses should receive yearly!
    • Full physical exam, including a discussion of your concerns
    • Sheath or udder examination and cleaning
    • Vaccination for the core diseases: Rabies, Tetanus, EEE, WEE, WNV
    • Fecal egg count
    • Dewormer
    • A follow up fecal egg count to monitor deworming effectiveness (if applicable)

The Add On Services

Oral Exam/Dental Add On

INCLUDES: standing sedation, complete dental examination, and complete dental equilibration (if required)

Flu/Rhino Vaccine Add On (Equine Influenza/Equine Herpes Virus Vaccination)

INCLUDES: vaccine and administration

Vaccine used depends on the individual horse; multiple options are available

Coggins Add On

INCLUDES: Coggins (Equine Infectious Anemia) bloodwork

Strangles Vaccine Add On

INCLUDES: Pinnacle Intranasal Vaccine (Strangles Vaccine) and administration

Performance Horse Add On

INCLUDES: Soundness evaluation including flexions and exam under saddle (if desired) and performance horse blood screen

Senior Horse Add On

INCLUDES: Metabolic/endocrine bloodwork, basic bloodwork, and a brief lameness evaluation

Farrier Radiographs Add On

INCLUDES: Farrier radiographs with measurements of both front feet and both hind feet

Fall Wellness Add On

INCLUDES: Wellness exam, fecal egg count, dewormer, and second fecal egg count to monitor deworming effectiveness (if applicable)

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