2024 Wellness Program

We’re excited to present our 2024 Equine Core Wellness Plan—a comprehensive package designed to prioritize the health and well-being of your equine companion without straining your budget.

How it Works

Purchase the Core Plan by May 31, 2024, and enjoy the Wellness Plan benefits of members-only pricing. Book a spring wellness appointment for your equine friends to take advantage of the Core Plan services. Do you keep your horse at a boarding barn? Your Core Plan services can be booked for your barn’s herd health day (scheduled to be announced in early 2024).

The Core Plan Includes:

Thorough Physical Exam/Consult: Our skilled veterinarians conduct a comprehensive physical examination, evaluating every aspect of your horse’s health.

Core Vaccines: Ensure your horse is protected against prevalent diseases keeping them safeguarded throughout the year (rabies, tetanus, west nile and eastern and western equine encephalitis).

Spring Deworming: Tailored deworming protocols based on your horse’s health needs, promoting a balanced and healthy internal environment for your equine companion.

Sheath/Udder Exam and Cleaning: An often-overlooked aspect of equine care. Our experts perform thorough examinations and cleaning, addressing potential issues and maintaining hygiene.

Quantitive Fecal Egg Count: A proactive approach to parasite control. Regular fecal egg counts help us customize deworming strategies, ensuring effective and targeted treatment.

*A second egg count to monitor deworming effectiveness (if applicable)

Unlock Additional Benefits with Our Core Plan:

With the purchase of our 2024 Equine Core Wellness Plan, you gain access to members-only pricing on additional services and products for the 2024 year, including:



Why Choose Our Core Wellness Plan?

  • Comprehensive Approach: Our core plan covers the essential aspects of equine health, providing a holistic foundation for your horse’s overall well-being.
  • Proactive Care: By focusing on preventive measures, we aim to catch potential issues early, ensuring prompt and effective intervention.
  • Affordability: Enjoy cost savings with our bundled core plan, and receive member only pricing on supplementary services, making comprehensive equine care accessible.
  • Emergency Care Access Assurance: Guarantee timely access to critical care when you need it the most. By enrolling in our Core Wellness Plan, you stay current on your annual appointments, ensuring seamless access to Rhythm’s emergency services.

Take a proactive step toward your horse’s health by enrolling in our 2024 Equine Core Wellness Plan. For enrolment details and further information, please contact our office.

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**Emergency Services**

Emergency services are only available to clients whose horses have been seen for regular vet services within the past 12 months. 

If you are a current, up-to-date client experiencing an emergency, please call 306-716-7294
Leave a message with your name, phone number, horse’s name and the nature of the emergency. 

Emergency calls will be returned within 15 minutes.
Thank you! We respond to all inquiries during regular business hours in the order that they are received.

Have an Emergency?

Emergency services are reserved for up-to-date clients whose horses have been seen for regular vet services within the past 12 months.

Leave a message with your name, phone number, horse’s name, and the nature of the emergency. Emergency calls will be returned within 15 minutes.

If your request is non-urgent, your call will be returned within 1-2 business days.